Saturday, July 25, 2015

Please (Don't) Follow My Facebook Example

Today, I placed the following status on my Facebook page: "How do I know you're from Mass? It's not the gentrified, luxury SUV that parks itself and makes you pancakes while getting 3 miles to the gallon with Mass license plates. No, it's the snotty-ass look you gave me when I smiled and waved when you "allowed" me to back out of my parking space at Hannaford. Shall we call it 'resting Masshole face'?"

A good friend pointed out that this wasn't exactly in line with UU principles, and she's right. But this blog isn't just about UU principles - it's about my foibles as a UU parent. So what does this bitchy Facebook comment have to do with that?

A number of my friends, including the one who made the humorous comment about UU principles, have kids reaching an age that carries with it a desire to use social media. Parents are understandably concerned, whether about potential bullying, oversharing, posting things that might follow the kid on an adult job search later in life, or all of those (and more). 

While my two menaces are a bit young to be interested in social media (though nothing will surprise me, I swear), unless I actively delete a status, there's a chance they'll see a post (of course that's the only bitchy post I've ever written, really it is!) eventually. So what kind of example am I setting, here? 

Not a great one, I know. I'm being snarky and sarcastic in this post. For all I know, the person is renting a car and saved for months for their vacation to Maine. Maybe a loving relative purchased the luxury SUV for their family. Maybe they have a parent or child who has special needs and this is their first jaunt away from that. Maybe they're struggling to take advantage of the limited time they have on vacation. Who knows? The illusion of anonymity in a vehicle leads to all kinds of less-than-desirable behavior. I want my kids to be compassionate toward strangers and friends alike. I want them to be careful about what they post on social media. I need to be more vigilant about what I post so I can set a decent, UU-oriented example.

I'm still not going to delete that post, though. Come on, it's a Masshole. How can I resist?

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