Thursday, July 9, 2015

The Beginning: It's the Cheesiest

I haven't figured out how organize this blog yet, but it's important to me to get started. I can't imagine I'll lose the clear memory of its inspiration - oh, wait a moment, there's a four year old with an existential crisis and a one year old who's teething. Indeed. What was I trying to remember?

The title for the blog is because of a conversation between my then-three year old, James, and his affectionately termed "adopted grandmother." She asked him what they should make for my birthday, and he said, "Macaroni and cheese."

As they shopped around the grocery store, choosing ingredients, she asked, "What kind of cheese is your favorite?" 

Without missing a beat, James said, "Orange."

Now, I'm sure there's an orange blossom infused Gruyere out there, or some other lovely, classy, exotic cheese. This, however, would not be what my kid had on his mind. The orange cheese of which he spoke comes out of a cardboard box.

His grandmother laughed. She intended to make super-duper-delicious baked macaroni and cheese, so she compromised, and found some orange-colored cheddar. Scrumptious orange macaroni and cheese made for a truly lovely birthday dinner...even if it wasn't quite as bright orange as the (I cringe as I admit this) Kraft/Velveeta combination that he had been envisioning. was my favorite "cheese-ish" item as a kid. My dad called it "processed garbage cheese," and I thought that was the name for it. I would even go to friends' houses and ask for "processed garbage cheese." 

Perhaps my kid's description of it as "orange" isn't so bad after all.

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