About Me

My name is Jessica. That's me up there, on my way to 80s night at the Front Street Pub. No, I don't rock a side ponytail and larger-than-life earrings on a regular basis...for one thing, my one year old would rip my earlobes. She's in the grabby phase of development right now. When does that end again?

I'm a freelance copy editor, a Unitarian Universalist member and youth advisor, and a mom. I have an irreverent sense of humor that's often laced with choice profanity. I have two children, James (2011) and Violet (2014), plus a nervous wreck of a furry kid, our dog, Fiona. Oh, yes, and of course - afterthought, here - my long-suffering, ever-patient husband, Warren. He's generally around here somewhere, doing whatever it is that software developers do. I think it involves numbers.

I am a member of the Unitarian Universalist Church in Belfast, Maine, where I am tolerated, and even loved, more than I ever thought possible. I can be found there regularly on Sundays. Listen for the loudest mouth and you'll find me!

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